Welcome to Green Power Hike Online Enrollment System. Please read the followings carefully before continuing:


  1. Select Category
  2. Input Personal Particulars
  3. Check Personal Particulars
  4. Submitting Donation
  5. Enrollment Record

Enrollment Notes

  • The online enrollment will take approximately 5 minutes
  • For Teams, Green Teams and Cup categories, you will need to input the personal particulars of the contact person (if applicable), team leader and team members in one application. Please collect all information needed before enrollment.
  • Methods of submitting donation:
    1. Individual / Team / Green Team: complete the transaction via credit card / Paypal and the entire registration process online;
    2. Cup categories only: To complete the enrollment process, you must submit the donation cheque by postage to Green Power within 14 days
  • Individual, Team or Green Team participants will receive a confirmation email of successful enrollment after completing the registration and donation.
  • Applicants are not allowed to change their category, route, number of team members and T-shirt size (if applicable) once enrolled.
  • The online payment platform will charge 2% of donation as handling fee for online submission of donation.
  • All donations are non-refundable after successful enrollment.
  • Please DO NOT repeat the enrollment. Otherwise, each enrollment will be counted as a separate entry and all donations received will not be refunded.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to accept, reject or disqualify any applications.
  • For unsuccessful applications, full refund of will be received.
  • The enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. If the quota is full, the Organiser will immediately close enrollment without prior notice. Please stay tuned to the announcement on our website.